The Australian Kitchen | Merrian Dennis

Merrian Dennis, Nest Builder, 2018, watercolour and ink and paper


The Australian Kitchen | Merrian Dennis 
2nd - 11th – 21st October, 2018
Launch 6th October 2-4pm, 2018 2-4pm
Dennis’ artwork reflect the thoughts, ideas and conversations held within The Australian Kitchen most often held around the central focus of the room, the humble kitchen table. Mundane domestic objects from within the kitchen are juxtaposed with quirky links from the outside world, often located just metres from the kitchen window. Yearly mating and nesting rituals of the common magpie creates a certain harmony with the cooking smells, clinking and clanking of pots and pans combined with friendships created, music bouncing off the walls, songbirds replying, magpies collecting the scattered cake crumbs from the shaking of the tablecloth on the back porch.
Dennis wanted to capture the movement, fancifulness and simplicity of everyday items as we hold, create and manipulate these wonderfully uncomplicated tools. In contrast, the dancing teapots compliment the serious world of nest building and parenting of baby magpies. Her handmade brushes pay homage to the delicate construction the birds undertake in order to care for their families, similarly, reflecting The Australian Kitchen.


 ©Arnold Street Gallery | Merrian Dennis


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