Latitude 28°: Noela Stratford

Noela Stratford, Eyre 3, 2017, Acrylic on Canvas

Latitude 28°
Noela Stratford
11th -22nd July 2017
Launch 15th July 2017 2-4pm

For the past thirty years Stratford’s interest has been captured by the way subjectivity influences our response to a particular place. The title of her PhD Thesis in 1998 was Beyond Mimesis, Place Interpretation and Response and this theme continues to be the focus of my art practice to the present.
By exploring the emotional impact of a place and finding an equivalent visual form to express it, landscape can become a touchstone for involvement with the deeper issues of existence, providing the opportunity for endless speculation.
Stratfords art practice has included artist’s residencies in Chiang Mai and Khon Kaen in Thailand and at the Fundàcion Valpáraiso in Mojácar, Spain. She has exhibited in Great Britain, Spain and Thailand, have previously presented 27 solo exhibitions and participated in numerous group exhibitions throughout Australia. She now concentrates on painting and drawing full time and until recently she complimented my art practice by working as an external examiner of postgraduate students for a number of universities in Victoria. Her involvement with landscape and the intriguing questions it raises will drive the direction of my studio work for many years to come.



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