Glitch: Jeanine Kolasa


Jeanine Kolasa, Techno-scape lll, 2017, Digital Print, 30×30

Glitch: Jeanine Kolasa
1st – 7th May, 2017
Launch: 4th May 6-8pm

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”  Edgar Degas
Kolasa’s work explores explosive colour fields that may resemble the Indian Festival of Colours,
or an odd colour scheme asking the viewer to question the possibility of an ambiguous
presence within the image. This work is inspired by the changing colours of the seasons, and
observations of nature and the way in which TV production may reveal the familiarities of such
using techno colour.
Inspired by watching TV programmes, Kolasa’s work examines pixelated, electric colour scapes
through photographing the images on the TV screen. I began to look out for bad reception on
the TV during summer and used these images to produce techno art. Kolasa’s working practice
also relies on imagery from iView and Netflix.
Kolasa is inspired by works from the impressionist, minimalist and particularly the abstract
expressionist period. However, her work looks to the “now” in an effort to embrace the 21st Century.
Kolasa’s recent paintings have become more abstract and expressive and she explores
traditional and contemporary practices using oil on canvas and digital printing onto canvas. The
phenomenal use of screens in our lives has determined the use of squares and rectangles in this work.
For the viewer, these works raise questions around what we see and what feelings do these
collections of liquid Chrystal evoke. These works raise questions around what we may imagine
we can see in these images and how we might perceive pixilated form that has been altered from its original context.

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