Past Events

Paint & Sip at the Cambrian Hotel Led by Joan Harris

Paint & Sip at the Cambrian Hotel Led by Joan Harris

Thursday 14th December, 2017 6pm – 9pm

If you’re looking for something different for your work Christmas party this year, we’ve got a fantastic idea. Paint and Sip is a fun event where you will paint a take home masterpiece over a glass of wine and finger food.  Led by experience artist, Joan Harris, you will be guided step by step through the painting process. Held in the friendly atmosphere of the Cambrian Hotel outdoor undercover veranda area – this event promises to be lots of fun!!

Location: Cambrian Hotel, 200 Arnold Street, North Bendigo VIC 3550

Cost $97.63 – Art Materials, 2 glasses of Wine or Beer and Fingerfood included

Joan Harris

Joan Harris is a practicing artist and arts educator. Harris has experience in teaching life drawing, portraiture.

Two Day Plein Air Workshop with Jeff Woodger


Jeff Woodger, Plein Air Landscape, 2017, Oil on Board

Two Day Plien Air Workshop with Jeff Woodger

Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd December 10am-4pm
Arnold Street Gallery | 189 Arnold Street| Bendigo

Workshop Outline

Over two days on Saturday December 2 & Sunday December 3 at Lake Weeroona learn how to paint the landscape in pein air using oil paints with Jeff Woodger.

What to Bring 


What we supply

Materials and afternoon tea.
Cost: $275
Jeff Woodger

Jeff Woodger’s passion to paint post romantic landscapes in the classical style. His majestic panoramic works are deeply inspired by many of the seventeenth century greats such as Claude Lorraine and Salvator Rosa. However, while Woodger’s interests lie in tradition and cultural history, he actively reconfigures these majestic places superimposing his own newly revised contemporary reality. In the early 1990s whilst undertaking his Masters studies in Fine Art Woodger started to paint classical and romantic landscapes in the style of 19th century French Barbizon School artists, inspired by specific works selected from Bendigo Art Gallery’s Permanent Collection. Here he painted his first in-situ work on masonite inspired by a painting by the French Barbizon School artist Theodore Rousseau. The experience of working in-situ from paintings in museums is one which has held great appeal for Woodger, who at a young age during a trip to Spain, was deeply inspired by the experience of witnessing an artist copying an El Greco painting in the El Greco Museum, Toldeo, Spain.

Traces of Transience | Belinda Eckermann

Belinda Eckermann, Flight, 2017, digital print

Traces of Transience | Belinda Eckermann
7th November – 18th November 2017
Launch – Saturday 11th November, 2017 2-4pm

A chance encounter with the mysterious habitat of the Bardi Grub sparked curiosity about their tiny and transient homes. The small yet perfectly cylindrical hole inhabited by the Bardi Grub lead Eckermann on an artistic enquiry into their life cycle, using the traces they left behind as part of her art making process. This body of work explores their propensity to burrow, construct and transform, revealed through drawings, photographs and animation.

Belinda Eckermann lives and works in Victoria’s Mallee Region. Her current practice is intrinsically tied to her local environment. In 2013 she undertook her Masters in Visual Arts, during which she developed an interest in genetics and notions of the hybrid into an exploration of the invasive white snail, commonly encountered in her agricultural community. Her work with the snail shifted her practice toward drawing and a focus on drawing as installation, culminating in her use of the snails as medium. She is currently investigating the native Bardi Grub and Ghost Moth and modes of incorporating their natural interventions with their environment into her creative practice. Eckermann has exhibited regularly throughout regional Victoria since 2009 and was shortlisted for the People’s Choice Award at the 2016 Mission to Seafarers exhibition in Melbourne, where she was also awarded the Bendigo Emerging Artists Judge’s Special Commendation. Eckermann’s practice is concerned with layering, drawing as installation and the immersion of audience. She aims to broaden societal perspectives through her work.

Art and Philosophy with Dr. Terry Eyssens

Image from “Zero Landscapes in the Time of Hyperobjects” by Timothy Morton in GAM 07; Ice island calves at the coast of the Petermann Glacier, provided courtesy of the NASA EO-1 team and the United States Geological Survey

From The Sublime to the Apocalypse 

Saturday 18th November 2017, 4.30 – 5.30pm

Art Ecology Philosophy

In this session we will explore just a few of the many engagements of Art, Ecology and Philosophy. This exploration will traverse the abyss between the Romantic and the Apocalyptic Sublime, and consider the vexed transition from t he idea of a representable Nature to our present day confrontation with unrepresentable Ecology. Drinks and Nibbles available Cost $4.00

Dr. Terry Eyssens

Dr. Terry Eyssens is a tutor and lecturer at La Trobe University, Australia and has a PhD in Philosophy from Federation University, Australia (2011). He works in post-Enlightenment ecological and political philosophy and is writing a book called The Ecological Comportment of Voss.

Fox and Mouse | Natalie Newman

Natalie Newman, Fox and Mouse, 2017, Linocut and Chine-collé, ink and mixed media on archival paper

Exhibition 6th – 4th November 2017
Exhibition launch: Thursday 12th October, 2017 7–9 pm

Natalie Newman is an artist and arts educator. Her works involve narrative embodied within what appear to be recogonisable quirky characters. Fox and Mouse is a series of lino cut prints incorporating Chine-collé on paper.

School Holiday Workshop for Primary Students with Natalie Newman

Birds of a Feather Large Scale Watercolour Workshop
Wednesday 27th September, 2017 10am – 12pm
Wednesday 27th September, 2017 1pm – 3pm

Arnold Street Gallery | 189 Arnold Street| Bendigo

Workshop Outline

You will develop and create a largescale a watercolour. The process involves the use of the body and hands to work with watercolour developing techniques of design, colour blocking and painting.

Natalie Newman

Natalie Newman is an artist and an arts educator with years of experience teaching Visual Arts in primary and secondary schools . She has held several primary arts workshops..

Weekend Workshop with Heather Shimmen – Linocut Printmaking

Heather Shimmen – Linocut Printmaking
Weekend Workshop

Saturday 30th September and Sunday 1st October -10am-5pm

Location: Reveries Print Studio
40 Indigofera Rd
Marong, Victoria 3515

Workshop Outline

In this 2 day Linocutting workshop we will explore the potential of Lino in a number of ways both conventional and beyond.

There will be demonstrations of image transfer, cutting techniques and printing and the emphasis will be on experimentation with papers and other materials including colour applications . All levels are welcome in this workshop where in a relaxed atmosphere exciting works can be created!

Heather Shimmen

Born in Melbourne, her career as an artists spans 36 years. She is both a painter and print maker. She has held 19 Solo Exhibitions and shown her work in over 300 group shows, some travelling throughout Australia and Internationally, notably  From Kandinsky to Cornielle, Linoleum in the 21st Century’ held in  the Cobra Museum, Amsterdam. She received a BA in Painting at RMIT in 1978 and has been awarded two Visual Arts Award Grants, The Silk Cut Grand Prize, Highly Commended Burnie Print Prize , purchased from Geelong Print Prize, Warnambool Print Prize, Banyule Print Prize Forbo Collection, Netherlands and number of others. She has works in many public and private collections including the National Gallery of Australia, The Art Gallery of South Australia, The Australian War Memorial, Deakin University and Queensland Art Gallery. She currently shows with Australian Galleries

Encaustic Wax Painting Workshop with Britt Merrylees

Britt Merrylees, It’s a Blue Thing, Wax on Board

Encaustic Workshop with Britt Merrylees 
Sunday 8th October, 2017 1-5pm

Britt Merrylees

Britt Merrylees usually works out of her Bondi Studio, Sydney. Merrylees loves to share her techniques and enthusiasm in creating artistic masterpieces in encaustic wax. Being a lover of photography and capturing moments in time, she captures the elements of the environment especially the ocean and beaches that serves as her deepest inspiration.

Workshop outline

Join Britt in a group class where you can learn how to create your own abstract paintings from wax. Wax is an ideal medium for astract work, its is tactile, fluid, dramatic, can be rubbed back, taken away & marked. You will be able to create your own wax painting under the tutalige of Britt as well as learning invaluable skills to adopt in your own art practice or home.

Art and Philosophy Afternoon with Simon O’Mallon

What came first – the chicken or the egg…. Philosophy or art?

Saturday 23rd September, 2017 4.30-5.30
$4.00 admission
Drinks and Nibbles provided
This is a presentation and discussion session surrounding the question… “why do we make art?” … And the philosophical issues around this.
Simon O’Mallon has been a practicing visual artist and designer maker for the past three decades, and
an arts educator for 2 decades. Simon has been a phenomenoligist for five decades and is most curious about the “thingness” of things.
Interesting and amusing … perhaps confronting.. This session will be at the very least thought provoking.
Image: Lascaux Megaloceros

Art and Philosophy Afternoon with Dr Rod Blackhirst

The Art of Islamic Motifs

Saturday 9th September 4-5.30 pm
$4.00 admission
Drinks and Nibbles provided

Dr Rod Blackhirst will lead a discussion on Islamic civilization and its rich and varied artistic tradition founded upon quite different principles and practices than those of the Western tradition. This talk and discussion will introduce and explore some aspects of those differences and consider the place of art in the so-called ‘Clash of civilizations’. 

In conversation with Bryan Dawe

Bryan Dawe, Moonlight over Hafa, 2017, photo-montage

Saturday 2nd September, 2017 2-4pm

Bryan Dawe visited the Gallery on the final day of his exhibition, Tangier Illusions to discuss his works and the influences he draws upon from Tangier in Morocco.

Japanese Woodcut Printmaking workshop with Erin Ricardo 

Erin Ricardo, Untitled, 2017, Japanese woodcut print

Sunday 27th August 2017 1-5 pm

Erin Ricardo

Erin Ricardo is a professional artist and Visual Art teacher. She practices woodcut printing and enjoys teaching a variety of printmaking techniques.

Workshop outline

One of the distinguishing features of a Japanese woodblock print is the type of ink used.  The printing process involves using watercolour pigments that are applied to the block with a brush. The workshop will provide an introduction to this technique. We will be printing by hand with a barren and learning how to mix and apply the water-based printing inks. Participants will be assisted to design and carve their own woodblock and produce a set of prints.

Tangier Illusions – Bryan Dawe









Tangier Illusions | Bryan Dawe
Exhibition extended to 2nd September, 2017 due to popular demand.
In Conversation with Bryan Dawe
Saturday 2nd September, 2-4 pm

10th August – 2nd September, 2017
Thursday 10th August, 2017 6 – 8pm by Elly Varrenti
Meet the Artist: Saturday 12th August, 2017 2 – 4pm

At this years Bendigo Writers Festival, Bryan Dawe will tell the story about how he came to be a satirist, partnering with the late John Clarke to create their unique style of humour for so long part of our national commentary.

He also shows, for the first time in Australia, an exhibition of artworks called Tangier Illusions.

Bryan Dawe has spent many months in Tangier on his many visits to Morocco where he developed a deep appreciation of its people and culture.

The exhibition, first shown in Tangier in February 2017, is an exciting collection of artistically enhanced images that go far beyond the usual touristic depictions.

Surrealistic, with more than a hint of humour, the photographs delve into the psyche of Tangier: the old bars and cafes inhabited by the famous writers and musicians, the artists, spies, the wealthy, and the smugglers.  Against a backdrop of decaying buildings and circus, Bryan honours Tangier’s creative and social past.

These photographic collages reveal Bryan’s love of the visual arts, his fascination for creativity, and his increasing love of a place he now visits more and more – Tangier in Morocco.

©Bryan Dawe






Art and Philosophy afternoon with Dr Noela Stratford

The Influence of Subjectivity on the Artist

Saturday 22nd July, 2017 4-5.30pm

Dr. Stratford will lead the discussion around the influence of subjectivity on the artist.  She will discuss ways in which we interpret what we see and how experience and memory act as a filter through which we  elucidate our world.

Noela Stratford

Dr. Noela Stratford holds a Phd in Fine Art, Monash University, Melbourne.

For the past twenty years her interest has been captured by the way subjectivity influences our response to a particular place. The way we interpret our world is inevitably influenced by the memory of other places, other experiences and other challenges.

Her current body of body of work explores the location, Latitude 28 South, and the events around Lake Eyre in South Australia.  Her recent works can be seen in our our online Stockroom. All works are for acquisition.

Collagraph Printmaking workshop with Erin Ricardo

Erin Ricardo, Collagraph Print, 2017, Ink on Paper

An Introduction to Collagraph printmaking techniques.

Sunday 30th July 1 — 5pm

Erin Ricardo

Erin Ricardo is a professional artist and Visual Art teacher.  She uses woodcut printing techniques to make images of characters and structures set in the landscape.

Workshop outline
This workshop will provide an introduction to the techniques used in collagraph printing. Collagraphs are a type of relief print. The process involves collaging materials onto a block and inking the surface of the design to make a print. The shapes, textures, layers and spacing of the materials used in the collage determine the qualities of the printed image. Workshop participants will complete their own plate design and a set of prints.









Latitude 28°
Noela Stratford
11th -22nd July 2017
Launch 15th July 2017 2-4pm

For the past thirty years Stratford’s interest has been captured by the way subjectivity influences our response to a particular place. The title of her PhD Thesis in 1998 was Beyond Mimesis, Place Interpretation and Response and this theme continues to be the focus of my art practice to the present.
By exploring the emotional impact of a place and finding an equivalent visual form to express it, landscape can become a touchstone for involvement with the deeper issues of existence, providing the opportunity for endless speculation.
Stratfords art practice has included artist’s residencies in Chiang Mai and Khon Kaen in Thailand and at the Fundàcion Valpáraiso in Mojácar, Spain. She has exhibited in Great Britain, Spain and Thailand, have previously presented 27 solo exhibitions and participated in numerous group exhibitions throughout Australia. She now concentrates on painting and drawing full time and until recently she complimented my art practice by working as an external examiner of postgraduate students for a number of universities in Victoria. Her involvement with landscape and the intriguing questions it raises will drive the direction of my studio work for many years to come.




Life Drawing Workshop Masterclass with Neil Matterson (MVA) 

Neil Matterson, Untitled, 2017, Conte on Paper

Re-adjust perspective & thinking   Sunday 25th June 2017 – 1.00pm-5.00pm Life drawing classes so often produce unfinished and often unsatisfactory sketches, within unrealistic timelines. Classes are often based on the classical atelier life-drawing class.

Workshop Outline

This workshop is about how you achieve the most out of life drawing within the scope of the your style and skill level.

Provide strategies to you the participant when tackling particular poses in a limited time.

We will identifying segments of the body and rendering that part with more attention to detail than rendering a whole body in the same time frame.

Neil Matterson

Neil Matterson’s art practice focuses on the female form. Matterson holds a Masters of Fine arts from La Trobe University. In his recent exhibition, Matterson explores The female body paying tribute to all its variations.  His recent works can be seen in our our online Stockroom. All works are for acquisition.

Woodcut Reduction Printmaking with Erin Ricardo

Erin Ricardo, sea creature, 2017, Ink on Paper

Sunday 1st May, 2017 1-5pm

Erin Ricardo

Erin Ricardo is a professional artist and Visual Art teacher.  She uses woodcut printing techniques to make images of characters and structures set in the landscape.

Workshop outline

This workshop will provide an introduction to using the ‘reduction’ method in woodcut printing. Erin will demonstrate how to cut and print in stages, to create an image of multiple colours. Participants will complete their own woodcut plate design and a set of prints.

Woodcut Printmaking Workshop with Erin Ricardo
erin ricardo late afternoon

Erin Ricardo, Late afternoon, 2016, 35.5 x 43cm, Woodcut with hand colouring

Developing mark making techniques in block printing

Sunday 23rd April, 2017 1-5pm

Erin Ricardo

Erin Ricardo is a professional artist and Visual Art teacher.  She uses woodcut printing techniques to make images of characters and structures set in the landscape.

Workshop outline

This workshop will provide an introduction to woodcut printing. Erin will share the processes she uses and demonstrate techniques that can be used at home with a basic set of equipment. Participants will be assisted to complete their own woodcut plate and a set of prints.