Traces of Transience |Belinda Eckermann

Belinda Eckermann, Flight, 2017, charcoal on paper

Traces of Transience | Belinda Eckermann
7th November – 19th November 2017
Launch – Saturday 11th November, 2017 2-4pm

A chance encounter with the mysterious habitat of the Bardi Grub sparked curiosity about their tiny and transient homes. The small yet perfectly cylindrical hole inhabited by the Bardi Grub lead Eckermann on an artistic enquiry into their life cycle, using the traces they left behind as part of her art making process. This body of work explores their propensity to burrow, construct and transform, revealed through drawings, photographs and animation.

Belinda Eckermann lives and works in Victoria’s Mallee Region. Her current practice is intrinsically tied to her local environment. In 2013 she undertook her Masters in Visual Arts, during which she developed an interest in genetics and notions of the hybrid into an exploration of the invasive white snail, commonly encountered in her agricultural community. Her work with the snail shifted her practice toward drawing and a focus on drawing as installation, culminating in her use of the snails as medium. She is currently investigating the native Bardi Grub and Ghost Moth and modes of incorporating their natural interventions with their environment into her creative practice. Eckermann has exhibited regularly throughout regional Victoria since 2009 and was shortlisted for the People’s Choice Award at the 2016 Mission to Seafarers exhibition in Melbourne, where she was also awarded the Bendigo Emerging Artists Judge’s Special Commendation. Eckermann’s practice is concerned with layering, drawing as installation and the immersion of audience. She aims to broaden societal perspectives through her work.

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