Art Classes – Term 3 Enrolments Now Open

Art Class – Term 3 Enrolments now open  Enrolment Form Term 3 2018


Teaching Artists:

Dr. Susan McMinn – Primary, Secondary, Professional Development and Adult Art Class – VCE Tutor

Susan McMinn is an award winning professional artist with a PhD in fine art.  She has over 10 years of art teaching and tutoring experience, having taught both privately and at CEB Bendigo.   McMinn has tutored university students in essay writing and supervised visual arts post graduate students. Her exhibition experience spans over ten years, having shown at the Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance, Jewish Museum of Australia and at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Federation Square.  Susan’s works are held in collections both in Australia and overseas.

Image: Susan McMinn Morry and Stan

Susan McMinn (b. 1958) Desert March, 2011 Oil, charcoal, India Ink, acrylic, sand on canvas 

Jeanine Kolasa – Creative Meditation

Jeanine Kolasa is a practicing artist and is currently completing a Masters in Art Therapy.  Kolasa’s work explores explosive colour fields that may resemble the Indian Festival of Colours, or an odd colour scheme asking the viewer to question the possibility of an ambiguous presence within the image. Her work is inspired by the changing colours of the seasons, and observations of nature and the way in which TV production may reveal the familiarities of such using techno colour.

Kolasa is an arts educator having worked in the disability sector and is skilled in delivering Art Therapy class in both one on one and group situations. Kolasas facilitates our Creative Meditation classes held on Tuesday afternoons during the Term. Clients can also arrange individual classes held on Friday between 10 and 4 pm – $80 for a two- hour session – Bookings essential by phoning 0439 571 054.

Jeanine Kolasa, Pixel Pastel, 2017, 40 x 30cm, Acrylic and Pencil on Linen


Yoko Maejima – Inclusive and Primary Art Class

Yoko Maejima is a freelance illustrator, graphic designer and artist. She has a diploma of Visual arts from NMIT, Melbourne and is the recipient of several art awards including the NMIT Illustre 2014 Most Outstanding Individual work sponsored by Eckersley’s.  Maejima has experience working with different cultures and is fluent in three languages.

Yoko Maejima, Untitled, 2017, acrylic on board

Alice Adams – Primary, Secondary class and School Holiday Program

Alice Adams is a visual artist and primary and secondary school teacher. Alice specialises in painting drawing, artist book making, jewellery making and portraiture.  She studied Visual Arts and education at Ballarat University.

Kain White –  Adult art class

Kain White is a Visual Artist and Secondary Arts teacher.  He has an extensive exhibition profile and has exhibited at Arnold Street Gallery.  Kain studied Visual Arts and education at La Trobe University and is experienced in teaching adults and children.

Kain White, Explorer 5, 2017, acrylic and oil paint, 50cm x 40cm

Kirsten Asche – Mosaic Classes

Kirsten Asche considers herself to be a modern artisan. Her path towards her current practice has been through various forms of study and mentoring, honed by years of visual observation and response, interwoven with other pursuits.
Born into a family of Nordic and Germanic roots, in her work, Asche references a fantasy landscape that has mystical and otherworldly qualities. Steeped in narrative and the folkloric traditions of Europe together with exploration of Eastern spiritual traditions, her visual language now embraces rich textural pattern and layered colour.
As a skilled crafts person, Asche embodies echoes of the past in her works, with a strong eclectic mix of materials, referencing a contemporary traditionalism.

Kirsten Asche, “Kyoto Cherry Blossom,” 2017, Detail, porcelain china, glass