Art Classes – Arnold Street Gallery Bendigo

Art Class Enrolments now open for Term 1 2018  

9 Week Term 30th January to 29th March

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VCE – Art Classes and Folio Preparation

 $35  One hour tuition – bookings essential


Primary Art Classes Tuesday Evenings, 4.30 – 5.30pm

(Starting on 30th January –  27th March 2018)

9 weeks x 1 hr classes – $180

Charlotte, Animation Still, The Lost Kitten, 2017 Watercolour on Paper

Inclusive Art ClassesThursday Afternoons – 12.30pm – 2.30pm

9 weeks x 2hr classes – $270

(Starting on 1st February – 29th March 2018)

Claudia, Model, 2017, Water soluble pastel on paper, Collage

Secondary Art Classes – Thursday Evenings, 4.30pm– 6.00pm

9 weeks x 1.5 hr classes = $225

(Starting on 1st February – 29th March 2018)

Amy McCLelland, After Kate Shaw, 2017, Resin, Gold Leaf and acrylic on Canvas


Adult Art Classes – Wednesday Evenings, 6.00 – 8.00 pm

9 weeks x 2 hr classes = $270

(Starting on 31st January –  28th March 2018)

Peter Gath, Landscape after Kandinski, 2017, Oil on Board

Abstract Painting – Thursday Afternoons, 2.00 – 4.00pm

9 weeks x 2hrs classes = $270

(Starting on 1st February – 29th March 2018)

John Veekin, After Budge, 2017 Oil on Canvas

Figure Drawing with Joan Harris – Tuesday Evenings, 6.00 – 8.00pm

9 weeks x 2hr classes = $270

(Starting on 30th January –  27th March 2018)

David Lowther, Life Drawing, 2017, Charcoal on Paper

Creative Meditation – Art Therapy with Jeanine Kolasa

Tuesdays 12.30 – 2.30pm

9 weeks x 2hr classes = $315

(Starting on 30th January –  27th March 2018

Creative Meditation Class Study, 2017, Acrylic on Paper

Creative Meditation – One on One Sessions

Clients can also arrange individual Creative Meditation classes Fridays between 10 and 4 pm – $80 for a two-hour session – Bookings essential by phoning 0439 571 054.

Teaching Artists

Dr Susan McMinn 

Susan McMinn is an award winning professional artist with a PhD in fine art.  She has over 10 years of art teaching and tutoring experience, having taught both privately and at CEB Bendigo.   McMinn has tutored university students in essay writing and supervised visual arts post graduate students. Her exhibition experience spans over ten years, having shown at the Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance, Jewish Museum of Australia and at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Federation Square.  Susan’s works are held in collections both in Australia and overseas.

Image: Susan McMinn Morry and Stan

Susan McMinn (b. 1958) Desert March, 2011 Oil, charcoal, India Ink, acrylic, sand on canvas 

Jeanine Kolasa

Jeanine Kolasa is a practicing artist and is currently completing a Masters in Art Therapy.  Kolasa’s work explores explosive colour fields that may resemble the Indian Festival of Colours, or an odd colour scheme asking the viewer to question the possibility of an ambiguous presence within the image. Her work is inspired by the changing colours of the seasons, and observations of nature and the way in which TV production may reveal the familiarities of such using techno colour.

Kolasa is an arts educator having worked in the disability sector and is skilled in delivering Art Therapy class in both one on one and group situations. Kolasas facilitates our Creative Meditation classes held on Tuesday afternoons during the Term. Clients can also arrange individual classes held on Friday between 10 and 4 pm – $80 for a two hour session – Bookings essential by phoning 0439 571 054.

Jeanine Kolasa, Pixel Pastel, 2017, 40 x 30cm, Acrylic and Pencil on Linen

Dr Joan Harris

Joan Harris is a practising artist and arts educator.  She completed a PhD at Monash University, Caulfield. Her work centres on transcription, a genre of art devoted to reinventing and recasting works of art that already exists. She draws on draws on the Italian Masters works including Pollaiuolo. One painting of particular interest to Harris is his depiction Faith in a series of  The Seven Virtues which is housed in the Uffizi Museum in Florence. Utilising photography and collage, Harris’ response to Pollaiuolo’s Faith reflects her interest in representations of mythological archetypes and symbolism in an historic context and ways in which this imagery may be represented in contemporary culture.

Harris has experience in teaching life drawing, portraiture and working with artists with a disability.  She facilitates six week workshops at Arnold Street Gallery with particular focus on the Masters.  

Joan Harris, Faith, 2012
Photographic collage, 100 x 90cm.