Following The Vein | Jason Barnes

Jason Barnes, Ceramic with onglaze decals 2018, Installation of objects at the Central Deborah Mine

Following The Vein | Jason Barnes
12th – 23rd June 2018
Launch by David Stuchbery  – Saturday 16th June, 2018 2-4pm


The works in this exhibition form part of my research into a Masters of Visual Arts at The Australian National University. My focus is Bendigo’s unique heritage. 150 years after the Gold Rush, Bendigo’s character is still strongly tied to its history of mining. The gold rush of the mid to late 1800’s established Bendigo as a rural city. The economic power of the mining boom reshaped Bendigo, and its legacy is still evident in the city today. My work creates a narrative that responds to Bendigo’s bygone era. The objects of the mining industry together with the maps, charts and mine shaft plans, inform my work. My ceramic pieces express a sense of connection and belonging to Bendigo.

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