Romance of the SWAG | Linda Jackson


Linda Jackson, Fan Coral, Acrylic on Cotton


Romance of the SWAG | Linda Jackson 
11th – 29th September 2018
Launch 15th September, 2018 2-4pm

Romance of the SWAG | Linda Jackson 11th – 29th September 2018 Launch 15th September, 2018 2-4pm

I loved sleeping in my swag under the stars

The bright endless sky.

The miles of green Spinifex.

My art comes from the spirit within.

The spirit within the magical landscape and nature

The essence of nature – the rocks

The dirt –the red dirt Inspired me.

Walking on Country Footprints in the red dirt

© Linda Jackson

Jackson says her paintings from Alice Springs, Arnhem Land, Broome and Far North Queensland are inspired by ”Views from my swag…..with its hand-printed sheets and canvas cover. Scrolls of cloth emulating the Bush filled with Waratahs ….layered with painted and printed glowing metallic and pearl colours.. Transforming the space into a meditative room exploring the wandering and traveling across the beauty of our land. New works on paper and wood… Save the Reef…Fan Corals and Opal Reef in glowing bright colours.”

© Linda Jackson

Linda Jackson will be artist in residence throughout the duration of the exhibition. She will be facilitating a two day workshop at Bryonsvale Vineyard & Accommodation on 22nd & 23rd September 2018. Sponsored by Bendigo Tourism and Byronsvale Vineyard & Accommodation. For accommodation enquiries contact Denise at Byronsvale Vineyard & Accommodation on 0427 576 882













































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