The Others | Deborah Lee Klein & Melinda Muscat

The Others | Deborah Lee Klein  & Melinda Muscat

19 November to 7 December, 2019

Launch 23rd November 2019, 2-4pm

Deborah Lee Klein, A Murder of Crows, paper

Deborah Lee Klein

My work is an exploration of the possibilities inherent in the old craft of cut-paper illustration, reflecting my fascination with the infinite variety of life on earth, the fine natural science specimens to be found in every self-respecting Edwardian gentleman’s library, and the lyrical decorative traditions of Asia.

I use archival-quality fine art papers and water-soluble glue in creating my dimensional illustrations and forms. Founded on close observation and careful drawing, my designs are built from layers of paper that are embossed, cut and shaped.

The rest is light and shade.

My work process is a form of meditation, requiring inner stillness and an awareness of when to step back and just let things be. I call myself an illustrator rather than an artist because I simply aspire to interpret what is in front of me – though the fragile status of my subjects, the delicate quality of their rendering and the essentially ephemeral nature of the materials I use might be seen as a statement in itself.

©Deborah Lee Klein

Melinda Muscat, Blue Paradise, acrylic and skull

Melinda Muscat

My work is driven by my ideas and imagination, across recurring themes and iconic figures.
I’m always questioning who and what these people, places and animals are, and wanting to push them further to explore and find out more about them. They are part of my identity, so it is a form of self-exploration and understanding at the same time. We grow, we change and we learn all of our lives, and this is how I do it – through my art.
I love feeding my images from one medium to another as part of the evolution process. Those media include traditional and digital painting, sculpting, textiles, and even
interior decoration. Colour is very important regardless of the medium, but no one vehicle is more important than another – it’s just what suits the particular work at the time.
Hieronymus Bosch has been an ongoing influence, as are contemporary American illustrators and traditional textile and interior design from around the world.

©Melinda Muscat



©Arnold Street Gallery